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Call for papers: Photonics West 2017 – Advance Fabrication Technologies

Photonics West 2017 – Advance Fabrication Technologies

The Call for Papers for the upcoming SPIE Photonics West OPTO 2017 Advanced Fabrication Technologies for Micro/Nano Optics and Photonics X conference is now open.

Please visit http://spie.org/PWO/conferencedetails/Advanced-Fabrication-Micro-Nano to view, and submit to, the Call for Papers announcement online.

Please submit your abstract until 18 July 2016 to share your results on Advanced Fabrication Technologies.


Call for papers: Photonics West 2017 – Optical Interconnects XVII

The Call for Papers for the upcoming SPIE Photonics West OPTO 2017 Optical Interconnects XVII conference is now open.

Please visit http://spie.org/PWO/conferencedetails/optical-interconnects to view, and submit to, the Call for Papers announcement online.

Abstract submission is now open until 18 July 2016.

Please submit your abstract to make this conference an inspiring platform for exchanging the newest results on Optical Interconnects and Optical Packaging.

Downlaod: Call for papers

CLEO 2016, June, 8: Women in Photonics and Optics Networking Luncheon

Climbing the Ladder:

Insights from Leaders in Photonics Panel Discussion
The Women in Photonics – Silicon Valley Chapter (WIP-SV) looks forward to seeing you at the “Climbing the Ladder: Insights from Leaders in Photonics” session taking place at CLEO 2016. A panel of leaders, varying in career stages and expertise, will discuss their career paths, career challenges and experiences as photonics and optics professionals.

Dr. Arti Agrawal, IEEE Photonics Associate Vice President of Diversity and OSA MES Council Member-at-Large, and Dr. Apra Pandey, organizer of the Women in Photonics-SV Chapter and Senior Engineer CST of America, will direct the panel and facilitate the event’s networking discussions.

Panelists include:
Dr. Meredith Hutchinson, Optical Engineer, Naval Research Laboratory
Dr. Gloria Hoefler, Advanced Development Director, Infinera
Dr. Ruth Houbertz, CEO, Multiphoton Optics
Dr. Wan Kuang, Assistant Professor, Boise State University

This inclusive event is by RSVP only and has been organized by the Women in Photonics – Silicon Valley Chapter (WiP-SV), OSA Women in Optics and IEEE Women in Photonics. Reserved attendees will receive a special name badge at the start of the event. Space is limited; please be punctual to ensure seating.
Wednesday, June 8, 2016
Hilton San Jose, CA USA
Almaden Ballroom

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Multiphoton Optics meets Frank Levinson, the founder of Finisar, at the EPIC workshop in Eindhoven.

EPIC Entrepreneurship Workshop with Frank Levinson, EPIC Market Data Session, EPIC moderation at European Photonics Venture Forum, EPIC booth at Photonics Event. 1-3 June 2016 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

I really enjoyed the workshop and the discussions with Frank Levinson and my collegues in Eindhoven.



Multiphoton at IEEE 2016

Fraunhofer ISC Spin-Off Multiphoton Optics GmbH booth at IEEE-NEMS 2016 conference in Matsushima. Two Photon Adsorption process cross-links material in the focal point of laser beams and so creates 3D optical structures for future communication devices!

Press Release – High-precision 3D printing (Hannover Messe)

Multiphoton Optics GmbH, April 18, 2016

We are presenting our latest news on Multiphoton Optics LithoX3D products during this year’s
Hannover Messe, April 24 – 29, 2016, Hall 6, Booth: 44.8. Learn more about our standard and customized high-precision 3D printer series LithoProf3D with its unique additional features LithoDILL3D and LithoBath3D, our software package LithoSoft3D and our Prototyping & Engineering LithoP&E3D support.

LithoProf-Icon LithoDILL-Icon LithoBath-Icon Lithosoft-Icon_1.1 LithoP&E-Icon

Celebrate with us our equipment and software product launch by downloading our LithoSoft3D Software Demo at www.multiphoton.de which will be available at the exhibition. A short videoclip will convince you of the user-friendliness of our LithoSoft3D software platform. You are invited to test our flexible software package which is designed for the LithoProf3D high-precision 3D printing equipment (also known as high-precision 3D printer) as well as stand-alone software for GCode compatible manufacturing machines. The software features several editors, among which are a highly flexible lens editor to define smooth aspheric or custom lens shapes and a work bench editor which allows the fabrication of multiple objects or object arrays on a substrate, for example combining microlenses with woodpiles and optical waveguides (“Photonic Wire Bonds”) or any other arbitrary structures. A unique feature is the possibility to repair damaged stl files after their import. GCode can be created to use ISO GCode commands or Aerotech commands.

LithoSoft3D meets the most demanding requirements, and is available for standard 3D structuring jobs and sophisticated work flows with selectable exposure strategies – 3D printing from the 100 nm to the cm scale with highest precision.

We support your activities in the exciting world of high-precision 3D printing for enabling optimized and novel innovative products for Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, and Biomedicine.

Company information
MPO offers a High-Precision 3D Printing Equipment (LithoProf3D) Platform and Software (LithoSoft3D) for high-precision 3D printing of arbitrarily shaped structures in the volume or on the surface of materials. The equipment allows additive and subtractive processes. Our technology supports a scalable process for the high-precision fabrication of 3D optical interconnects (sometimes called Optical Wire Bonds) to integrate optical links on-chip, between optical chips, packages, and printed circuit-boards. The processes are compatible to standard processes in electronic manufacturing, saving app. 80 % of the process steps. This enables to significantly reduce energy consumption in production and to save other resources in production and in end-use, for example in high performance computing. We also provide prototyping & engineering services for aspheric or freeform microoptics, and biomedical products, such as scaffolds for tissue engineering, microfluidic cells, or drug delivery structures.

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“High-precision 3D printing for biomedical applications” published in HealthTech Event

The interaction of fs laser pulses with hybrid materials is of high interest. Since the triggered reactions are strongly confined to the focal region, the formation of free-form 3D-printed micro-/nanostructures can be easily carried out with highest precision. The method’s appeal is an intrinsic scalability from the 100 nm to the cm regime. For the restoration of diseased or damaged tissue, the growth of cells on 3D porous scaffolds for tissue engineering is a promising approach to generate autologous tissue. The influence of structure type and size is shown for primary human microvascular endothelial cells.


read more (HealthTech Event April, 2016)