Prototyping & Engineering Support

Multiphoton Optics provides prototyping services to its customers that want to explore the technology and to determine the viability for using high-precision 3D printing for their own manufacturing process portfolio on an industrial scale. Our customers benefit from a fast product development supported by this approach, with world-class engineering support from Multiphoton Optics not only high-precision 3D printing, but also in providing just the right process sequences for multilayer processing.


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We are prepared to support our customers through small volume prototyping capabilities for first product prototypes, ramp-up at customer’s site, or long-term support of processes for novel products. The high-precision 3D printing processes provided by Multiphoton Optics ideally fit into standard process environments used to manufacture products for many different markets.


Echinoderm, fabricated with Multiphoton Optics‘ technology.

Flexibility, creativity, and expertise – we comprehensively support the fabrication of your prototypes independently of its complexity if it can be manufactured. Our works are dedicated to our industrial customers. We offer more than two decades of experience in nano- and microsystems technology and interdisciplinary know how – from materials via process technologies to production.