High Precision 3D Printer

Multiphoton Optics provides a series of high-performance High-Precision 3D Printing Equipment Platforms LithoProf3D® especially suited for a broad variety of structuring jobs to enable scalability for products in different markets. Arbitrary three-dimensional (3D) structures can be fast and reliably fabricated on demand within a volume of a material, on a surface of a material, on top or between already existing structures or components. LithoProf3D® enables large-scale fabrication with an infinite field of view mode (IFOV), providing high accuracy over a complete sample area without stitching.

Structures are created via high-precision 3D printing in an additive fabrication mode (AFM) and in a subtractive fabrication mode (SFM), with easy switching between the different modes. The LithoProf3D® platform features automated processes, adjustable footprint, application-specific laser power and wavelengths, and extremely high-precision positioning capabilities. The equipment is available in a three axis setup with and without galvo scanners and various levels of precision and automation. In addition to these features, Multiphoton Optics also offers its patented LithoDILL3D technology for additive fabrication as well as LithoBath3D, both modes to be used to create larger structures with high resolution.

The modular platform allows easy implementation of new product features to satisfy the requirements of our industrial customers. The LithoStream3D software is an integral part of the 3D printer platform, and it is implemented to control all relevant features of the equipment. The flexible software package LithoSoft3D® is a stand-alone product creating machine code (GCode) which is fed into LithoStream3D or any other machine control programs capable of dealing with this standard code format containing all important information of the structuring job. – 3D printing from the sub-100 nm to the cm scale with highest precision.

The LithoProf3D printer series is available in standard and in customized versions. Please contact us for further information on the printer’s specifications.