2015Finance Round A closed in October
2015Launch of software product LithoSoft3D
2015Launch of first industrial equipment platform LithoProf3D in February
2015Transfer of the company to its new facilities in Würzburg
2014 Seed Round closed in October 2014
2014 Reorganization of MPO on August 4, 2014, with Dr. Ruth Houbertz as CEO
2013 Foundation of Multiphoton Optics (MPO) GmbH, September 13, 2013, with Dr. Markus Riester as CEO and Dr. Ruth Houbertz as CTO
2012 Project Light Matter Interaction Industries (LMI2)
2011 Focusing business plan on optical data communication, large PCB backplanes, Optical Chip Packaging, identification of opportunities for large-area applications
2009 Drafting of first business plan ideas, market analysis High-Performance Computing (HPC)
2008 Initial idea of spin off as means for commercializing TPA for different markets (optical data communication, biomedical, …)
2007 Strong expansion of TPA activities at Fraunhofer ISC for demonstrating different application opportunities
2005 Joint project Markus Riester (@AT&S) and Ruth Houbertz (Fraunhofer ISC) on TPA waveguide structuring
2001 First TPA materials and experiments (Fraunhofer ISC, LZH)