High Precision 3D Printer LithoProf3D®-GSII

High Throughput and Scalable 3D Printing with Adjustable Precision
Nano – Micro – Meso – Macro

Multiphoton Optics GmbH has included groundbreaking novelties in its High Precision 3D Printer Platform LithoProf3D® – following its motto “Sustainability and Technology from People for People“. The new product LithoProf3D®-GSII was introduced in 2019 into the market during TCT in Tokyo, one of Japan’s most important 3D Printing Exhibitions, at Photonics West in San Francisco, USA, and at the W3+ Fair in Wetzlar, Germany.

Focus on Multifunctionality and Flexibility

The previous model of our 3D Printing Platform focused on modular design, which enabled the user to detect and produce photon integrated circuits or process large structures through various modules. Our advanced version of the High Precision 3D Printing Platform, the LithoProf3D®-GSII, now offers additional capabilities for production: It not only offers the additive fabrication process for polymeric materials, it is now for the first time shows additively manufactured metal structures or the structuring of glass. This novel High Precision 3D printing helps to further bridge the gap between classical 3D printing and conventional nano and micro technologies

The equipment additionally impresses with the capability for hybrid additive fabrication: besides additively building up structures they can now be manufactured by subtraction – by removing material. It does not end there: Not only polymeric materials can be processed subtractively in three dimensions, but it is also possible to structure thin metal films. This allows, for example, the in situ fabrication of optical apertures of variable designs or tailor-made printed electronics. At the same time, customers continue to benefit from the commodities of the previous model: The new equipment offers high-performance and high-precision fabrication of micro and fiber optics for a vast amount of applications ranging from illumination and imaging to augmented reality. Aside all these benefits, we further improved usability by integrating touchscreens mimicking the look and feel of a smartphone: intuitive, elegant, and easy to use.

Mix & Match: Production 4.0 outside the box

The intelligent concept of the equipment is flanked by an equally modular setup of the software, consisting of two major parts: a software that generates the machine code for construction and a control software that runs this machine code. This successful concept was further improved in the current model: The process of High Precision 3D Printing with fabrication strategies that can vary strongly depending on the intended application was completely implemented in the machine code. This enables the LithoProf3D®-GSII to automatically execute both, simple 3D structuring processes and complicated procedures, with various fabrication strategies – High Precision 3D Printing ranging from sub-micrometer level to the centimeter scale for a wide variety of products: individually made optical devices, monolithically integrated optics, or micromechanical components, among other 3D-printed components.

All devices can be produced without assembly or post-processing of functional areas. This allows for cost-efficient, resource saving, and sustainable production.

The LithoProf3D®-GSII is the first modularly built High Precision 3D printer which cannot only produce complex micro optics on assemblies and wafer level without the need to assemble, but also includes a hybrid production process. Additive and subtractive processes can be run in the same equipment, from polymer to glass to metal: Everything is possible. – Dr. Ruth Houbertz, CEO & Managing Director of Multiphoton Optics GmbH­

Learn more about the software LithoSoft3D® here.

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Multiphoton Optics GmbH LithoProf3D®

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Quick facts

  • Optimized for industrial manufacturing based on more than a decade of closely working with industry users
  • Hybrid additive and subtractive fabrication up to large scale
  • Prints on arbitrary surfaces, on active devices, assemblies, and on wafer-scale
  • Modular setup to specifically fit customers‘ requirements
  • Powerful software package specially designed for LithoProf3D®
  • Prints optical components without stitching for highest quality
  • Production with Infinite Field of View (IFoV)
  • Prototyping and Engineering Services to realize customized designs

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